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Example Irises and Lillies

Below are examples of Irises and Lilies from the classes in our Carmel Valley Garden Show classification system to help you understand the distinctions between them.

1.  Class 47e, "Bearded Iris - lavender", Magic Man Bearded Iris 

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2. Class 48 "Iris-All other", Spuria Iris, Baby Chick                 

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3. Class 48 "Iris-All Other", Siberian Iris, Silver Edge 

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4. Class 48, "Iris-All Other", Dutch Iris, Iris hollandica

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5. Class 49, "Lily Family", Different Types of Lillies

6.  Class 49b "Lily Family", Aurelian Lily, Awesome

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7. Class 49c "Lily Family", Oriental Lilly,  Pink Stargazer

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8. Class 49a  "Lily Family", Asiatic Lily, Yellow

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    Event Schedule

Sept. 12  - Ground Squirrel Life Cycle and Control

Oct. 10Falconry in Carmel Valley

Nov. 14 - Irises: Perspective from England

Dec. 12 - Holiday Party -

Jan. 9 - Succulents in Carmel Valley

Feb. 13 - Valentine Potluck Party

March 12 -
 Grafting:  A Hands-on Talk

April 9 - Garden Show Prep

May 2 & 3- 51st Annual Garden Show at Hidden Valley

June Picnic -  Date &  Place to be announced

July, August - Vacation Break

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