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Plant Corral

Question:  What is the Plant Corral?

The term “plant corral” refers to four separate areas of plants and garden related offerings made and grown by Club members.  And knowledgeable members are always there on duty to provide stimulating conversation and advice!

  1. The drought tolerant and succulent tent offers a good assortment of succulents such as aeonium, agave, aloe, cotyledon, crassula, echeveria, euphorbia, graptopetalum, kalanchoe, sedum, and senecio.  We also will offer colorful drought tolerant and fire retardent flowering shrubs from South Africa including leucadendron, leucospermum, and protea. The overall focus of this area is drought tolerance, deer resistance and fire retardation.
  2. The vegetable and edible tent features popular member-grown tomatoes and peppers.  Multiple varieties of tomatoes, including many heirloom types, and many optimized for our cooler climate, will be available.  This year there will also be around 10 varieties of pepper plants. All plants are large enough to be planted in May and grow enough to bear fruit by the end of the summer/early fall.  The overall focus of this area is culinary to support your tasty entertainment and household needs all year round.

  3. The flowering plant tent features a wide variety of decorative and fragrant indoor and outdoor blossoms to include roses, geraniums, pelargoniums, orchids, and other bushes and climbers.  The novelty of carnivorous plants is also on offer.  An ever-popular area, the unique plants propagated by members will lend pleasant atmosphere to your home and garden.  And because they have been propagated from existing plants in the area, they have a higher probability of surviving and thriving here.
  4. The garden art tent features the creativity of the membership in stationary and mobile form.  Functional items new and collectible can also be found among the decorative items.  Every garden can always use the statuary, tools, beneficial attractors, and moving eye catching mobiles found in this tent.

           Aeonium -  click to enlarge
             Mother of Millions - click to enlarge
  Leucospermum- click to enlarge



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Theme for the year:
"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

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