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Competitive Flower and Plant Exhibit

The focal point of the Show is the Flower and Plant Exhibit where floral and plant displays are judged by accredited judges.  Everyone from master gardeners to novices, children and families, are encouraged to enter in our many categories of arrangements, containers, bouquets, and cut flowers, including, of course, the ever popular roses.  You do not have to be a member to enter.


Our theme this year is "The River Runs Through It" with 12 Classes of arrangements.   We are including resource links below to help everyone with instructions on how to make spectacular arrangements just like a professional.


New this year is a return to a featured class from the past:  tablesetting - a setting for two with an arrangement in the center of the table.

Download Garden Show Exhibitor Rules

Download Exhibitor Entry Cards

Rules and Cards are available at the  Carmel Valley Library.

Rules and Registration

General Rules for Exhibitors  are available on-line  and will be available in print at the Carmel Valley Library in early April.  The rules describe the 5 formally judged categories ( Arrangements, Youth Entries, Container Plants, Cut flowers, and Roses ) and their classes and subclasses, and the one Publically judged category (Fragrant Roses).

Exhibitors are allowed entries in as many classes as desired but only two entries in each class or sub-class, except for succulents and cacti, where three entries are allowed in each class or sub-class.

Entry Cards for Exhibitors will be  available on-line in late March and will be available in print at the Carmel Valley Library in early April.  One must be completed for each Entry.

Registration for Exhibitors will be at Hidden Valley Music Seminars Friday, May 1, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Drop-off - is outside the main Theater.  (Check the site map for location)

All exhibits and ribbons must be removed on Sunday, May 3 from 4:10 - 4:40 p.m.

Contact Dianne Woods at 831-277-2670 for more information.   

Awards and Prizes


A first, second, third and honorable mention place ribbon will be awarded in each class or subclass at the judges' discretion.  The exception to this is Class 90 Roses, where more than one ribbon may be awarded.

Our Judges for 2020 are all professionally accredited by California Garden Clubs, Inc.  They come from the San Francisco region.  They are: Kiwi Devoy, Rose Gilardi, Marilyn Gross, Nancy Martin, Charlotte Masson, and Shirlene Shufelt.

Ribbons and a prize of $20 will be awarded to each of the Best in Category:  Container Plants, Cut Flowers, Iris and Rose.

Ribbons and a prize of $25 will be awarded for the Best Artistic Arrangement and Popular Choice.

Resources and Advice


1.  A few helpful notes for all exhibitors:
         a.  Arrangements are judged for overall design,  so spend time thinking about that and watch online videos 
         b.  A bouquet  is usually displayed in a vase and the flowers are generally gathered and look like they were 
              dropped in
         c.  Roses must be labeled accurately; be sure to research the name of your Rose prior to the show
         d.  To prepare roses, do not remove the sepals, just remove any damaged guard petals

2.  For Class 12, Tablesetting, 30" tables will be provided.  You may bring any type of place setting for two (plates, silverware, glasses, tablecloth, etc.).  A matching flower arrangement "centerpiece" should go in the middle of the table.  Please note there will only be 7 tables and you must register in advance for a table by calling Dianne Woods at 831-277-2670.

3.  Here is a page with advice on Arrangements by Kiwi De Voy, one of our judges

4.  Excellent video on Creating a Beautiful Flower Arrangement on Youtube 

5.  The Fundamentals of Floristry Design Video on Youtube

6.  See beautiful examples of Ikebana and some Italian Haiku on Youtube

7.  On this page of Example Irises and Lillies you will find links to examples of Irises and Lillies from our
     classification system, e.g.,  an example of Class 47 "Bearded Iris" to help explain the distinction between the
      different types of Irises

8.  See examples on this page of Garden Show Flowering and Foliage Plants  to help with Class 15 and Class 16




    Event Schedule


December Club Meeting
December 9th, 2021
With Holiday Treats

January Club Meeting
January 13th, 2022

Save the Date! Annual
Valentine's Party
February 10th, 2022

Save the Date! 51st Annual Garden Show - April 30/May 1 2022

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